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Khanh's Garden Restaurant San Jose, CA
Khanh's is the perfect casual Vietnamese restaurant in the area, IMHO. The fresh spring rolls are super, the chicken salad very simple - shredded chicken, shredded cabbage and a vinegarette - and fresh. The Deluxe Plate with rice, ginger chicken and shrimp with vegetables is excellent. If your diet tolerates condensed milk, go for the vietnamese iced coffee - terrific, and it makes a great dessert. Watch the service - the whole staff is running all over the place it seems all the time. Very efficient!
White Lotus San Jose, CA
The Spring Rolls are fine - they use a different presentation style, pre-slicing them and grouping them around the sauces on a plate. Easy to dive into. The Deluxe Stuffed Tofu with rice noodles, et al with a rich, slightly sweet tomato sauce was definitely passable, if tough to handle with chopsticks. I wasn't terribly impressed with the waiter's knowledge of which dishes are low in fat - he did recommend a sauteed vegetable dish which, while not bad, had nothing to recommend it over any number of similar restaurant's offerings... Worth a return visit.