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Recent reviews by Anthony M.
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Santorini San Carlos, CA
I had a great lunch here! There was one issue that they did not have any flaffel when we walked in. Not to worry though the owner was in the process of cooking some up fresh. We walked on Laurel street for a bit and went back for an great lunch.
The flaffel was the best I have ever had! We had Kabab, flaffel, salad, and baklava for dessert.
The owner was a really nice, friendly guy. The restaurant is a tiny, casual place.
Sneakers Pub & Grill San Carlos, CA
All right, this place totally surprised me. My wife and I were driving around Redwood City trying to find a good place for a bite. I've seen this place before but never actually went in. ( It just doesn't look inviting from the outside especially since its supposed to be a bar.)
They have a really big menu which I always like. The food of course is burgers, little pizzas, sandwiches, ribs, etc. But again, large selection. I got the carne assada even though I knew it was risky in a non-Mexican restaurant. The waiter recommended it to me very highly (he was Mexican so I believed him.) It was really good.
Since then we have tried the burgers, chicken wings, other sandwiches, etc. Everything has been really great. The service was very good in terms of personality. I did not notice that it was slow (as others said) but each time I went I wasn't in a major hurry. (Although I don't like waiting around excessively any more than others.)
There are a lot of children and families if you want to bring the kids.
Ciao Amore San Carlos, CA
This restaurant is an interesting place. I really love the atmosphere. There is a guy that comes in and plays the accordion some nights which adds a really fun feel. The place is very conducive to fun and festivity. They actually don't have a liquor license so you have to bring your own booze. (When was the last time you did that!) Great place to go with a bunch of friends. Good place to bring kids. The Kids seem to really enjoy the atmosphere especially the accordion guy.
I'm really sad to say that the food is not up to the Bay Area requirements. It is above average though...
For some events though you just can't beat this place. My family owns a 5 star restaurant so I know good food. Still I really love this place!