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Restaurant Name City
Frankie' S Cafe Metairie, LA
This is a relatively good restaurant in Bucktown offering nightly specials that are a good value. Their steaks are delicious and cooked right - not sure which night they offer that special - it's best to call ahead.
Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant & Oyster B ... New Orleans, LA
Mike Anderson's offers good value, even at their French Quarter location. For your money, Mike Anderson's is about the best place to eat in the Quarter and get good, filling food. It's hard to resist their fried catfish that's sliced extra thin and very tasty. The restaurant in Metairie just recently opened and it's the same quality food they serve in the quarter.
Dots Diner New Orleans, LA
The first time I ate at Dot's Diner was for breakfast after a long night out. It was just the right mixture of greasy breakfast food and hit the spot. They make eggs over-easy to perfection and the amount of food you get is unbelievable.
Big John's Burger Winnsboro, LA
My grandmother used to live in Winnsboro and I have to admit - my whole family looked forward to stopping here. When I was about 13 they only had 4 tables in the restaurant and I would have waited in line 2 days if I had to. The burgers are some of the messiest creations I've ever eaten but my family does not pass through this little town without stopping. Bring wet wipes!
Mohawk Tavern Monroe, LA
The Mohawk is practically an institution in this town. If it isn't the oldest restaurant there I'm not sure what was. When I worked at St. Francis Medical Center our office would make weekly meccas to the Mohawk for seafood. It's very unpretentious and down to earth. Good place to get oysters.
Palace Cafe Restaurant New Orleans, LA
For my money, the Palace Cafe on Canal Street is one of the finest restaurants in town and the Brennan's best restaurant to date! The menu is varied and well-rounded. The chef is imaginative and the desserts are melt-in-your-mouth. I love the jingle bells on a ribbon that they give each guest during the Christmas season. It's become a tradition for me to eat at least one Brennan's during the holidays just for that festive treat.
Plantation Coffeehouse New Orleans, LA
People continue to rave about the Plantation Coffeehouse and it IS a Lakeview institution. I've yet to find anything outstanding on the menu, but the Sunday morning atmosphere is nice and last all week long.
Santa Fe Restaurant New Orleans, LA
This is absolutely the best "Mexican" restaurant in the city. They have weird hours - open some days for lunch, sometimes for dinner. Give them a call ahead of time and then get over there! Their margaritas make waiting for a table painless and the food afterward is divine. They know how to use cilantro and prepare seafood.
Lucy's Restaurant New Orleans, LA
Awesome nachos! Which is great because they are good food when you're drinking and at this retired surfer's haven you just about have to drink. They put fun toys in the drinks and it becomes a mission to see how many monkeys, mermaids and palm trees you can hold on to and get home with. I had such a good time here I think I bought a t-shirt once!
Smiles Restaurant New Orleans, LA
Actually, their name is Smilie's and they are about the oldest restaurant in this part of Harahan. They have fantastic red beans and rice and good plate lunches every day. They also have a nice room for receptions and parties.
Top Of The Dome Revolving Rooftop Restaurant New Orleans, LA
This is place is like stepping back into an early 70's restaurant. But it's a fun place to go and have one or two cocktails and enjoy the view of the entire city. The menu is very limited. And I say only one or two drinks because they are outrageously expensive - but good.
River Shack Kitchen New Orleans, LA
The River Shack, home of the tacky ashtray, is a great place to catch good bands and drink with friends. They have lots of outdoor tables which is a good thing because it's small and gets packed on the weekends. The more the merrier every time I've been there though and the beer's always good and cold. I've eaten there for lunch a few times and the food's pretty good, too.
Mama Rosa's Slice of Italy New Orleans, LA
I think Mama Rosa's location hurts it the most - but if you live in the quarter you can have their yummy food delivered. If it was anywhere else there would be lines outside the door every night of the week. The pizzas are excellent and traditional. They are a good value too. The floors are tile, the tablecloths are redchecked and there's chianti bottle with a candle on every table. It's worth the parking ticket if you get one for parking at a meter while eating there.
Liuzza's Restaurant & Bar New Orleans, LA
Liuzza's is a great lunch place in Mid-City - which is fairly lacking for lunch places. They have a tremendous stuffed artichoke that's worth a drive even if you aren't nearby. And, always, they have those ICY mugs of beer (if you're there sometime other than lunchtime of course).
Parasol's Bar And Restaurant New Orleans, LA
Not only is it Historical place for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but Parasols serves a good poor boy year round! Irish Channelers have always known a good thing when they tasted it.
New Orleans Hamburger Seafood New Orleans, LA
Every time my parents come into town they want to eat here at least once! That's saying a lot considering I live in one of the food capitols of the world. They have fantastic fried oysters if you're in the mood. My dad never orders anything but the burgers, though.
Little Tokyo Restaurant New Orleans, LA
The rolls here are yummy. When my friends and I go out for sushi we always say we're going to try somewhere closer but wind up at Little Tokyo every time. The service is excellent as well.
Bruning's Seafood Restaurant New Orleans, LA
Bruning's offers a taste of old New Orleans, don't visit if you don't want fried seafood however. It's the best thing on the menu but not low calorie.
Copelands of New Orleans Metairie, LA
I used to travel for my job and would always eat at Copeland's even when I could try new places. While they are famous for their seafood, try the filet if you get the chance, it's one of the best in the city.
Lama Ruby Seafood New Orleans, LA
I worked in New Orleans East when I first moved to town...this was absolutely the highlight of dining places - for a reasonable cost - in that area of town. I eagerly anticipated crawfish season and was first in line for my mudbugs at Ruby's.