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Restaurant Name City
La Taqueria San Francisco, CA
In terms of burritos, the more you add, the more it cost. I have never seen a taqueria with the meat sooo juicy. Most places have the meats dried up, slopped with beans to make it look just made. La Taqueria, at least for the beef, cooks it and chops it every 15 minutes or so, very tasty, very fresh.
Pete's Kitchen Denver, CO
Finally got to this place after driving by it to get to Cherry Creek. I sat at the counter, everything looked fresh, done well. Had an omlett, saw different breakfasts done. Typical neighborhood greasy spoon, nothing overpriced. Plenty of parking, open 24 hours, but the area might be dicey during darkness.
Koi Palace Sea Food Restaurant Daly City, CA
This place is very crowded on the weekends and a wait after 12pm. Dim Sum is the best as it's hot and good. You order from a menu and other items brought around that you can choose from. If you don't speak the language, tell the guy in the black suit as he can order for you, just tell him what you like and don't like (shrimp, pork, sweet, beef) and he should be able to help you. I would not go here for dinner as it's well over priced, Dim Sum is fine.
Jade Villa Oakland, CA
Dim Sum is very good and reasonable prices. The ladies push a cart around and you can choose items. If you don't know what food it is, tell the person or waitress/ waiter you want prok, shrimp, sweet stuff, beef and they will be able to help you.
Tom's Barbeque Chicago Style Mesa, AZ
Went there half an hour before closing. Offers different specials and combos as well as sandwichs and things other than bbq. Nothing special. The ribs were soft, but appeared like they had been cooked some time ago. Just dipped them in sauce and you could not tell if they are dried or not.
Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que Long Beach, CA
Went on a weekend, long 45 min plus wait for a table. You could see empty tables in the restuarant and they still make you wait outside. Food was good, but the wait in the evening out in the cool weather wasn't nice. The larger parties wait because they do not have enough food servers and waiters/tresses. Order the beef ribs, I could have eaten three orders because of the 45 min plus wait.
Curly's Coffee Shop San Francisco, CA
Pricey place. The food was good, the server was bad. My coffee cup was empty and she's walking around with a coffee pot. I'm thinking, ok, I got more coffee. She fills someone elses cup and walks past me to places the pot back onto the warmer. I had to push my cup to the edge of the table and she had to walk by it without a coffee pot before she would go and refill my cup. I've seen poor service, this lady must have written the book. Don't go.
Chick's Diner Scranton, PA
forgot to print out the reviews before my trip. While getting gas, asked the guy where's a good place to eat breakfast. The guy said the place is legendary. I drive there, looks like a typical diner. Walk in, then I remember PA has no such thing as non smoking sections. Make my way to the counter and it's full on one side, scattering of seats on the other. I sit, the lady takes my order, the cook is making my breakfast in front of me, then this lady walks in, sits next to me with her pack of cigarettes and lighter in hand and I'm thinking, "Oh Sh_t." Fortunately for me, the waitress pulls the lady aside and seats her at the end of the counter. The other person she sat next to is a regular and must complain about smoking so the waitress and other customer saved my bacon. Breakfast is greasy, nothing special.
Broadway Prime Burlingame, CA
this place specializes in prime rib. I think veggies and potato was offered. Prime rib was tender and cooked to order. With drinks and desert, will be over $30 per person.
Gourmet Carousel San Francisco, CA
very good for the prices, it's actually a bargain for the amount of food you get. Lunch time is tough as well as weekends. Not a fancy place, just good food at a great price. Parking can be tough, better to park on Van Ness and walk a block or two.
Honey Bears Barbeque Phoenix, AZ
pork sandwich is the thing to order here. The Central location is more modern, the Van Buren location has more flavor. Don't forget the peach cobbler.
Tyger's Coffee Shop San Francisco, CA
Had French Toast and it tasted like it had been soaking in vanilla extract, yuck. I think the bread was not dipped in egg batter, that it was soaking in it. Soggy.
Pergamino Cafe San Francisco, CA
this place is on columbus and caters to tourists. it's a rip off as an any breakfast egg dish will be over $8 not including coffee. I went here by mistake as I was looking for Pat's cafe, which has moved to 2330 Taylor near Columbus. Pergamino Cafe has signed where Pat's use to be saying right around the corner with a big arrow torwards this guy's tourist trap. Breakfast ok but not at his jacked up prices for tourists.
Tony Luke Jr's Philadelphia, PA
I ate their sandwich at the new baseball park as there is a Tony Luke concession in center field. If the baseball park concession is half as good as the real place, I'm making my reservations back to philly this summer. The roll is what make their sandwich. It's a french roll and the crust is baked perfect and the bread is soft. Make sure to have the sandwich "with." I asked the lady for grilled onions and she said they only fry the onions. I couldn't tell the difference, but I can tell you I have never tasted a sandwich like Tony Lukes. Another board posted that Tony Lukes may have their own website.
Hap's Real Pit BBQ Phoenix, AZ
This place is too clean for a bbq place. Did not smell like anything was in the pit, everything pre-cooked and heated up. Too sterile.
Rick's Drive In & Out Alhambra, CA
The breakfasts are the best. I always have steak and eggs. The steak is tender and potatoes are a dream. The owner saw me there two mornings in a row, so he gave me a Christmas card and a Rick's mug. I told him he did not have to, that I did not know him and he said, "You are a customer, you spend money here, I want you to have this." I told him how nice he was and told him I frequent Rick's whenever I am down in the LA area.
Harold's Barbecue Atlanta, GA
About two miles south of Turner Field. After reading the two reviews, I decided to venture down to Harold's. Very laid back busy place where locals sit to eat. The pork sandwich seemed to be the big takeout item. I tried the prok ribs which were ok, but with sauce laced with ketcup, not hot. The meat did not flake off the ribs, but still able to pull apart. I went there a second time because I was going to watch the visiting team beat the Braves.
Katz Bagels San Francisco, CA
I first went to the 16th Street location a minute before 6 am and the guy said they were not open yet. They open at 6 am. I thought that was werid as you would never turn away business. I have been back since and the service is fine. The MIssion Street location is opened on Saturdays too till 2 pm.
Leo's Bar-B-Cue Take Out Los Angeles, CA
I was reading the LA Times writeups and went to this place. It is two blocks south off of the I-10 Santa Monica Fwy. There is a little parking lot next to the business. The place is very sparse as there are no tables to sit. I was driving to my hotel and could not wait. I pulled off the freeway and ripped into the ribs. Hot sauce on the side. I ordered half an order of ribs and it was smoked perfect, meaty and tender, the meat flaked off the bone. This place is closed Mondays. Tues thru Thurs till 10:30pm, Fri and Sat till midnite.
Rick's Drive In & Out Whittier, CA
The breakfasts are the best. The potatoes are light and fluffy and the steak and eggs are great.