FoodIsGood - Level 2

Members on obtain levels based on their activity and desire to help others. Levels are mostly a way to help identify the members who contribute to the growth of the community. We decided on a simple point system where each activity is given a point and members level up once they reach a certain number of points.

Note: points are counted as soon as you upload or post things on Your level is updated when things are reviewed and approved on the site.
Activity Points User Points
Fill out Profile 10 10
Upload a personal Photo 5 0
Review a Place 5 10
Post a Story 5 20
Do a Check-in 1 0
Login per day 2/day/login 6
  Total: 46
  Level What's Needed
Level 1 Join
Level 2 15 Points
Level 3 50 Points
Level 4 100 Points
Level 5 200 Points
Level 6 400 Points
Level 7 800 Points
Level 8 1500 Points
Level 9 3000 Points
Level 10 5000 Points