Restaurant Listing Management Center

Dine lets you take control of your listing - enabling you to update it's information (address, URL, background, etc), upload photos, create your menu online, post messages and get feedback directly from your customers. While you may already have a website, you can also get a free, unique web address to help your search engine placement.

The first step is to find your listing on Dine. You can use the advanced search page. If you can't find your listing there, click here to add it (note: you will be emailed when your listing is approved and visible on Dine). On your listing page, you will see a button on the upper-right side labeled "Own Me?". Simply click that button and follow the steps to connect your member profile to that listing. You will then see a link to your listing here and can update it's content.

Benefits of Managing Your Restaurant Listing on Dine
Why manage your restaurant lisitng on Dine? Here are some reasons:
1. Control your message. People doing searches for food want reliable information. By managing your listing, you can better describe your restaurant and attract more customers. As members can post reviews on your listing, managing it gives you the ability to respond with authority.
2. Interact with your users. The key of Dine is that members have the ability to interact by posting reviews, help request, and other types of reports.
3. Improve your search engine ranking. We are spending thousands of dollars to promote the listings on Dine. Listings that are managed will be shown more prominently and therefore will been seen more. This will result in your website showing up higher in search engines.
Build Your Online Service
Edit Restaurant Information You can update all the information relating to your restaurant (e.g. address, opening hours, etc.) as well as describe it's history, speciality, etc.
Add Photos Let people know more about your restaurant by uploading photos. You can upload as many photos as you would like and even group them by categories or albums.
Build Your Menu As you know, people love to see menus online. We have a simple menu builder that let's you get your menu online fast. It's easy to edit too!