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Desserts @ Vizco's

One of my closest friend named Strawberry (yes, the fruit) is very much addicted to strawberry in all forms and is always on the hunt for different strawberry desserts and one of her latest finds is Vizco's restaurant and cake shop in Baguio. Upon hearing that it serves the best strawberry shortcake she immediately booked our weekend to finally eat in the said cake shop and we are amazed just like what reviews say. The strawberry shortcake is made up of fresh strawberries, moist and not too sweet. They have a variety of flavors that caters to every sweet tooths preference. They really have met our expectation, worth the drive. We'll surely come back for more and more. We keep wishing that they open a branch in Manila.
Posted on June 18, 2016 - 6:38 pm / Prefer not to say / 3532 views / 0 responses