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My Favorite sushi in Metro Denver

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Joy Sushi: Park Meadows Dr. #1000, Lone Tree, CO 80124 

Phone # 303-792-3772


I have been going to Joy sushi for around 10 years. As a sushi lover and a growing boy I was always looking for the best and most sushi for my buck. I started looking for all you can eat sushi places because I was tired of spending over $100 at the $1 a piece places or the "posh" places and leaving broke and hungry. Joy is now $29.95 for all you can eat sushi at dinner and $15.95 for 40 pieces of  lunch menu sushi (a smaller menu). Joy is currently my most endeared, sushi restaurant in the Metro Denver area and I would put it up against any sushi restaurant in the world. It is comparable to all you can eat places I tried in Tokyo (obviously you won't find killer whale here). I have never left unsatisfied! 


Carl the owner and head sushi Chef use to be the chef at Sushi Den, a very popular and well publicized sushi restaurant in Denver. Carl has brought his skills and flare to Joy! You must try every piece of sushi on the whiteboard! The whiteboard is full of daily specials and masterpieces from the creative mind of Carl. You will often find Toro, Yellowtail, Baby Octopus, Uni and my favorite Jumbo Scallops as sashimi (just fish) and nigiri (fish and rice) on the board. There are often specialty rolls (maki) on the whiteboard as well. If you love jalapeno poppers you must try the Joy Bomb, half a seared jalapeno filled with a fish blend! Joy is also home to one of my favorite dynamite dishes (a heavenly blend of scallops, mushrooms, roe and more).


For only $29.99 I frequent Joy almost weekly, putting away around 80 pieces of delightful sushi each visit. The Happy hour specials are awesome! $7 gets you two jumbo hot sakis and the non import beers are buy one get one too. 


For Colorado the Uni is quite good, it is full and not runny; which meaning it is fresh (something hard to find in Colorado). The jumbo scallops are blowtorch seared and the regular scallops (scallops are my favorite) are in a mayo based sauce covered in roe placed over a bed of rice and contained in a seaweed wrap.


For the price and quality there is no better sushi in metro Denver!



The only knocks I have on Joy would be:


1) They have started putting fish sauce on some pieces of fish. This is very disappointing and I was in disbelief when they started doing this as their fish is normally very fresh. Don't let this discourage you. They have a great selection of fish, if you see fish sauce on a piece, don't reorder it, move on to other pieces, unless you're ok with it.  



2) The service, has improved a great deal, but sometimes they are bad at keeping your water full and pre bussing.   



I strongly recommend Joy to anyone looking for GREAT value, sushi and a full belly!  If you live in Denver or are just visiting Denver but craving sushi, you must visit Joy! 

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