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Maria's Mexican Restaurant Bentonville or Rogers

Though my brother and I are native to Hawaii and ourselves being Chinese/Hawaiian, Willy lived in Arizona for 10 years and had boasted about the Mexican Food there. When he returned to Hawaii he searched for the Mexican Restaurant that satisfied his taste buds, bud could never find it in Hawaii although some places came very close. He passed away in 2013 and I moved here to Arkansas and I think he would enjoy Maria's in both Bentonville and Rogers. Though I will have to admit I prefer the one in Rogers a tad more. Reason being that the Bentonville had to be renovated and was closed until recently opening again in 2015. I think their cook tops and grill still need to be seasoned again to get all the rich tastes and aromas found in the flavors and scents at the older but still vibrant Rogers Restaurant owned and operated by the same people. still both restaurants have solid and faithful patrons so long lines do form. get there early or go for a later lunch or dinner. Mucho delicioso!
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