Super China Buffet Noblesville, IN HORRIBLE!

This place should be called Super Jerk Buffet!!!  We would just order from them because they were close to our house.  We would go often, as my daughter loves Chinese!  I would order a shrimp dish which was the only thing I would order there.  We had been ripped off many times by everything from getting chicken instead of shrimp or getting a mere 2 shrimp in an order of Garlic Shrimp.  The next time I called I asked to pay for more shrimp so, we paid 80 cents a piece for 5 extra shrimp.  When we got the order there were 4 shrimp, we paid extra for nothing.  No one wants to have to turn around and go back after they are already settle at home, that is why we would get TAKE OUT and not DINE IN.  Not only did they not give us what we paid for, the food was cold and that the whole shrimp debacle happened the kicker was still to come and I found a hair in it!!!!!!
  Now, my daughter did not know that we had decided not to return and asked me to order Chinese and that she would grab it on her way home.  She thought she was calling another place, this was the number she had in her phone, she gave me the number and I thought I was calling Happy Dragon.  I asked about the Garlic Shrimp and how many shrimp came with the order and she said 4.  I asked her is this Happy Dragon and she said no Super China Buffet....I thought ok, I might as well go ahead and just order since my daughter was on her way and I would not be able to reach her before she got there since she is not allowed to talk on the phone and drive.  ANYWAY, when I very kindly told her about the previous problems (I could not have been nicer with my inquiry and did not mention the hair), I just wanted to make sure I was not going to be paying to 80 cents a shrimp to order 6 extra and get ripped off yet again.  I wasn't even done with the sentence and she said, "You are a LIAR! " That never happened!" and started SCREAMING at me!!!!!  She was still screaming when I hung up about how we were LYING.  I told her I did not want or need anything except what I paid for! She was going off on me about asking to pay for extra shrimp!  Are you kidding me? 
This place is horrible, the food is usually always cold and if you are a fan of Chinese you know that is very rare.  It is also a situation where on their Buffet they say if you take too much food and don't eat it, you will be paying for it!!!!
Do these people know anything about working with customers and in a world were people are losing their businesses, I think people should think twice before supporting people who are not wanting to have a business and treat people like crap when there are not a bit concerned about anything but putting that money in the till.  The places that truly wanting to have their business and try hard to stay in business by treating people right.
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