glad I went elsewhere

so I found parking luckily headed over to lolitas but I can't seem to find parking at the bar to order a drink this place is so unorganized if a fire broke out there would be a stampede I don't know why the people that's not ordering that doesn't want to drink stand right in the aisle blocking everyones access to the bar not even coats check in. Went in early evening snd the night will be over by the time I get a drink I had to leave. shout out to restaurants that make people leave only for those people to find the hidden treasure. made a wonderful friend Rusty i believe he is the head chef and he was great. met him at Met Back Bay and i always wanted to go there when they won all those Boston awards but never had a chance to really didn't know what it was located Plus never had no parking but I cannot recommend Lolita the hostess didn't care inless my name was in her little fancy tablet oh well I will not be recommending this place not at least for a couple seasons
Posted on March 28, 2014 - 10:32 pm / Happy / 711 views / 0 responses