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Ancient Oven

What an awesome experience!  This venue is one of a kind.  Nestled on top of a hill out in Saint Jo, TX. you will find the most unique restaurant in the middle of no-where.  You really have to be looking for it because you just don't stubble on it.  This place offers 5 course meal including variety of pizzas that are cooked out doors in the authentic wood-fired italian ovens.  Up the road, treat yourself to the winery where you can experience wine tasting and purchase your favorite that can be brought to the restaurant. BYOB you MUST sit outside that overlooks the hill country.  Very laid back and don't over dress - very casual is acceptable. Will be going back a second time in May.
Posted on February 28, 2014 - 8:55 am / Excited / 854 views / 0 responses