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Red Lobster, Katy

I went out with family tonight and it was the day after Valentines so I expected the restaurant to be busy from people still celebrating.  When we arrived we were told it would be an hour wait. Thankfully it only turned out to be about a thirty minute wait.  When we were called to be seated, we were a party of ten, the tables were not pushed together. We were actually seated at two different booths that were next to each other. I was not a fan of our seats since we were split up and the kids kept going back and forth between the tables. We were placed by the kitchen so we kept having to talk around the waiters and other patrons as they walked by.  

We ordered our drinks and appetizers and it took a little longer than usual for us to get them. Our waitress was pretty good though especially since she made it her point to memorize our kids names. We did receive our biscuits promptly.  Our appetizers were served promptly as well. We had sweet and spicy shrimp on a bed of lettuce and it was very nicely plated. The shrimp flavor was subtle. My first impression was that all I could taste was the breading and the spices.  I ordered a four course meal from a special and the spicy tortilla soup was excellent. Then came the hose salad with ranch. Way too much dressing. My salad was white and I could not taste the lettuce. My main course was cajun chicken fettuccine.  The noodles were very sticky and it was not spicy at all. Usually when I order the same dish there is a spiciness to it. Then came the caramel cheesecake,  perfect. 

My sister ordered a lobster dream meal. It came with shrimp alfredo and two lobster tails. One of her tails were undercooked and the other was overcooked.   

Overall the experience was okay. One word of advice do not tell the customer that there are not any clean silverware and ask the patrons to share. I might have need my extra fork. I would give them stars 2 out of 5 stars.




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