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Potato Day ^_^

    Last February 08, 2014, I ate merienda (mid-afternoon snack) at one of my favorite fast food chains here in the Philippines, Wendy's. I had my favorite BAKED POTATO CHEESE and CHEESE and my BIGGIE ICED TEA drink. My boyfriend ordered their CHEESEBURGER DELUXE BIGGIE COMBO. 


    Throughout the years, I have eaten in different Wendy's branches but my favorite branch is the one located at the Ground Floor of Trinoma Mall in North Avenue, Quezon City. Why? These are the reasons:


1. The staff are courteous and they don't let their customers wait in line 

     for a long time

2. The food is always served hot and cooked just right

3. The servings are appropriate for ( or sometimes more than) what you pay   

      for (some branches have small baked potatoes T_T)

4. You don't have to get your number and sit down then go back to the cashier 

     again to get your food (Your order is ready in a few minutes and you just 

     have to wait on right side of the counter)

5. The branch is located in a FOOD COURT so you have a lot of empty tables 

     where you can sit (even on weekends when people are crowding the mall    

     like crazy!)

6.  On weekends, there is a live band that will serenade you while your eating. It    

     feels like you're in a fine dining restaurant (except that it's quite noisy because 

     it is still a food court you know?)


    So the next time you visit the Trinoma Mall, don't forget to drop by Wendy's because even if it's for dine-in or for take-outs, you will end up happy and full!


Until the next date... erm... Dining Experience! Ciao!


^__^ Shemaia22

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