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The Wing Connoisseur

Over the years I\\\'ve come across many great things in this life and wings is one of them. My stomach is well traveled when it comes to this appetizer and not to sound like Bubba but I\\\'ve had them almost every which way known to man. Even though it is imperative that every venue prepare wings very different I think there\\\'s an invisible guide line they all should follow. The great ones are well seasoned: Sometimes or should I say most of the time venues cook wings without marinating it in some sort of herbs and spices. Texture is the key: overcooked or under-cooked food is never enjoyable and feather more week old wings will never be. Smell, when a member of a wait staff lays a fresh plate of wings in front of you the first thing you should smell is a mixture of herbs/spices and the sauce not vinegar. A heavy pour of vinegar is not a breath of fresh air. If you\\\'re serving hot wings use lots of hot sauce and easy one the nose burning vinegar. And last but not least is the size, it should never be overlooked. Pigeons are not meant for plates or for eating and even though turkey wings are great their not good on buffaloes... I\\\'ll be stopping by a few places this week so be on the watch to see who has the best wings on the Island.
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