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A true Italian & Mexican Experience!!!!

RED INDIANS!!!! serving Mexican,american & Italian food has a very comfortable dining area divided into 2 floors.Well Air conditioned,spacious,soft music gives us the pleasure eating and relishing fresh exotic veggies in steaming sizzlers, fresh oven baked pizzas,Tacos,yummy cheesy Nachos,Mexican pot rice has a flavorsome taste,enchiladas, Lasagna to name the few.....And how can i forget the best served Garlic Bread freshly baked its soft,its cheesy,its hot,its fresh,its garlic!!! There was not even a single dish where i could rate them low but no........its just yummy!!

The only back drop would be that its a Veg Restaurant!!! :(

But still i wouldn't mind as long as it serves such exotic,fresh and yummy food!!!! :D

Posted on November 20, 2012 - 11:14 pm / Calm / 6041 views / 0 responses