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The Speckled Hen

So I took a friend to the Speckled Hen because I heard a lot of good reviews. It is right next to Judy's on Cherry (same owner) and since Judy's on Cherry is a little too eclectic for my taste at this moment, Speckled Hen it was. This place is a great little cozy restaurant that makes you feel like you are in a pub somewhere other than downtown Reading. The decor upstairs reminded me of a jazz bar in NYC and the downstairs where we actually ate made me think of a little bistro in Europe where you can sit outside and enjoy your fare. Even though it was indoors, I have to give it to the owner for the great and comfortable decor. Let's get to the food. So I am a huge fan of blue cheese burgers, so I had to order that. My next visit I will try the crab cake sliders, but none the less, the food was awesome! The burger had great char-grilled flavor, and the blue cheese was not overpowering. Not only was it mouth watering to look at, it didn't sit heavy in my stomach either. The accompanying fries were delicious as well. They didn't taste oily  like at some joints where the grease is dripping from the napkins they sit on. I am almost tempted to say that I love this place, but I only been here once. The prices are great for this quality food. Yes, I know, I know, I got the burger, but it sure felt like a thousand dollar burger in my mouth! I can't wait to go here again. Oh, and to those who are first taking their dates out on a first date, I highly recommend this place. You will not go broke, and you will feel like you are out of town!
Posted on February 1, 2012 - 8:05 pm / Happy / 11105 views / 0 responses