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Vegetarian Chinese style

I am one of the many who is trying hard to be a vegetarian and I always love going back to Quan yin chay in Ongpin st., Binondo. I was introduced here by a friend 5 years ago when he discovered that I don't eat sisig. He desperately forced me to eat that first spoon full of sisig and it was really good - aside that it's vegetarian, you wouldn't know that it is really not pork. I would never forget that day he forced me to try veggie sisig because that's how I do the same to my friends as well. Most of them cannot believe they just ate healthy food because it isn't tasteless, you wouldn't guess it's healthy. Quan yin chay serves all veggie dishes all-day and take home goodies.
Posted on June 21, 2016 - 12:17 am / Prefer not to say / 2818 views / 0 responses