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I work around California Avenue in Palo Alto. Many good places to eat.
Recent reviews by Dave S.
Restaurant Name City
California Cafe Palo Alto, CA
A good place, but for the area of Palo Alto it is in this was par for the course. The food was excellent, but our waiter seemed to be slow. For a really memorable meal get the cheese plate for dessert, whew that's some stinky cheese. :) The Tiram ... more
Beachcomber's Kailua Kona, HI
Yummy Yummy in my tummy tummy!!
Kyoto Sushi San Mateo, CA
Yum Yum YUM!!!
Old Spaghetti Factory Sacramento, CA
Awesome food for great price. i love it...
Red Sea Ethiopian San Jose, CA
Testing for cuisine restaurant...
Cho's Dim Sum Palo Alto, CA
Great dim sum for awesome price
Joanie's Cafe Palo Alto, CA
I love the BLT, thick, juicy strips of bacon. Get that with a bowl of French onion soup. Busy at lunch time, but the counter is easy enough to get on with out a wait if you are a single.
  • Location Palo Alto, CA

  • Age 37

  • Gender Male

  • Level Level 3

  • Points 50

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447 S California Ave,
Palo Alto, CA
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