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Restaurant Name City
dairy queen Thunder Bay, ON
milkshakes every flavor on the menu i had. there awesome
dairy queen thunder bay, ontario
double bacon cheese burger, with french fries along with banana split. very quiet clean business
Mcdonalds Restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
out shopping near the local walmart. great a mcdonalds built right in. 1 large coffee and big mac. very clean operation
Swiss Chalet Chicken and Ribs Thunder Bay, ON
The new rotisserie roast beef dinner menu is now available. check it out. add your add ons any way you like it!
jj's family restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
bacon cheese burger platter, and a drink, nice selection of canadian and chinese cuisine. take out,delivery and eat in
Mcdonald's Restaurant #8770 Thunder Bay, ON
awesome morning breakfast, two egg mcmuffins, deep fried hashbrowns, and a coffee
Wendy's Family Restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
asiago ranch chicken. it's very tasty. along with a milk.
Swiss Chalet Chicken and Ribs Thunder Bay, ON
got just stop by and have a 1/4 chicken dinner with fries and baked potato. coffee with cream and a salad with french dressing.
Wendy's Family Restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
single burger meal deal with a large cola and with a baked potato with cheese and bacon
Mcdonald's Thunder Bay, ON
awesome two of those to start, a coke cola ,large fries as well.
Tim Hortons Donuts Thunder Bay, ON
love the tassimo coffee varieties. accessible to the handy cap.
mr.perogy Thunder Bay, ON
unfortunately this business should be shut down. food is poor of quality. through my investigation the food is days old that is served.
Mcdonald's Thunder Bay, ON
big mac,fries and a coffee. taking a break from the shopping
Burger King Thunder Bay, ON
whopper combo with a cold drink an extra side salad
Golden Bakery Thunder Bay, ON
oh i just love the fresh pies and the turnovers. the assorted pizzas with extra cheese
Domino's Pizza Thunder Bay, ON
awesome pizza, the famous pepperoni and cheese. a few 2 litres of coke cola
Tim Hortons Donuts Thunder Bay, ON
jumbo coffees on a cold day, talking about work orders. roll up the rim. i didn\\\'t win a thing this time. check it out for the next time on
Zeller\'s Family Restaurants Thunder Bay, ON
closed! the restaurant is now closed due to the fact that hudson\\\'s bay company is banqrupt
Santos Place Scarborough, ON
better believe it is. some great food has com out of there!
Mcdonald's Thunder Bay, ON
nice ans quiet big mac fries a shake and a coffee to go.
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