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395 N. Rosemead Blvd,
Pasadena, CA
20 reviews
1469 Shattuck St,
Berkeley, CA
10 reviews
3535 Guerneville Rd,
Santa Rosa, CA
7 reviews
1826 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach CA,
Laguna Beach, CA
7 reviews
Park St. near Santa Clara,
Alameda, CA
8 reviews
327 West 7th Street,
San Pedro, CA
12 reviews
686 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road,
Sunnyvale, CA
4 reviews
3115 Pico Blvd,
Santa Monica, CA
19 reviews
125 N Thompson Ave,
Nipomo, CA
17 reviews
600 California,
San Francisco, CA
51 reviews
248 W. Second St.,
Claremont, CA
9 reviews
701 Wave Street,
Monterey, CA
9 reviews
1652 Stockton Street,
San Francisco, CA
18 reviews
4179 Piedmont Ave.,
Oakland, CA
7 reviews
329 Market St,
San Diego, CA
7 reviews
1105 E. Katella,
Anaheim, CA
7 reviews
600 San Anselmo Road,
Atascadero, CA
7 reviews
22456 Alessandro Blvd,
Moreno Valley, CA
5 reviews
PO Box 546,
Big Sur, CA
5 reviews
800 North Point (at Hyde),
San Francisco, CA
26 reviews
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Ruths Chris Steak House
Kristie L.   -   One step into the elegant foyer of Ruth’s Chris Steak House and you will have treated yourself to the soothing harmony of jazz music and to the scen ... more
Robin's Woodfire Bbq & Grill
BBQ's great. I dont know which is the best :))))) hmmmm yum. Im craving again. Ill go back soon :))) Hope the service is faster.
Lipsticklady S.   -   Located on Chestnut Street in San Francisco, this place is quite a little gem. Their filet mignon is absolutely fabulous whether on a taco or in a sal ... more
Naked Fish
Lipsticklady S.   -   If you happen to be on Chestnut Street in San Francisco especially between the hours of 4:30pm and 6pm, this place is a must do. Their happy hour is u ... more
Cafe Four Oaks
This Cafe appeared in the 1950's TV show Highway Patrol. The episode is called Highway Patrol 12 in Careless Cop. Circa 1957
I love getting the steak, with the salad bar, which has way more than salad. But, I always eat way too much, and feel sick afterwards. But tasty.
melaniekelley33   -   They have good steak sandwiches. They put a lot of shredded meat on a pretty large sub sandwich. I don't like the onions on the sandwich. But, I would ... more
me & ed's pizza
The combination pizza is my favorite. I think this pizza is really good. It has a Crispy cracker crust.
Tahoe Joe's
melaniekelley33   -   I love there steak nachos with ranch dressing, and sour cream. I like there steak and potato, but, don't like that the vegetable is green beans. I thi ... more
Toledo's Mexican Restaurant
melaniekelley33   -   I only went there once. My friend and I sat down at a table next to the window. As we were reading our menu, a large cockroach crawled up the window, ... more
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