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21 bar
By megan211
This restaurant is simply the best it comes to spare comes with the tastiest rice that tastes like ketchup mixed with bell peppers,onions and tomatoes.i always eat this food  every time i go to this restaurant. excellent ambiance,great service and excellent food quality.even just by loo ... more
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Storytellers Cafe
By Kayla M.
I was at Disneyland recently and when it came time to decide what to have for dinner my party and I were wanting more than your typical theme park treats. We heard about a café inside the Grand Californian Hotel. When we arrived to Storytellers it received an “A” rating and was very clean. Once ... more
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Seoga & Cook
By zandrabea_zb
Hello I just want to share my experience today.   After attending the mass this Sunday, we headed to this Restaurant called "Seoga&Cook".   I love the taste of their pizza and carbonara. And also the fried rice was really delicious, not like an ordinary fried rice.   All in all tw ... more
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VovoTelo Lynwood Bridge
By steevy
VovoTelo tops everything! Really,  I must say that VovoTelo for me definitely belongs to one of the best cafes out there. They offer mouth watering food at reasonable, not over-priced at all, prices and just have a very nice atmosphere. The cafe is laid out beautifully and the service it top! I ... more
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Tasteful Treat
By lisalin
I recently visited Little Tokyo in Sovereign and decided that i would try there shrimps, which is definitely different from what i use to purchase, more vegetable diet. i must say it was finger licking, and the amount of shrimp in my dish was small (6 shrimp) that i couldn't even offer a piece to my ... more
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The bongo room|
By Flowers S.
I loved it!  The waitress was amazing always had checked on us to see if we were ok!  Service was great and food was amazing!
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Super China Buffet Noblesville, IN HORRIBLE!
By krisjamrip
This place should be called Super Jerk Buffet!!!  We would just order from them because they were close to our house.  We would go often, as my daughter loves Chinese!  I would order a shrimp dish which was the only thing I would order there.  We had been ripped off many times by ... more
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Yonas H. has just checked in at Yejoka Garden
By Yonas H.
Enjoying a free wifi here in yejoka garden!!
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By ShaanC
Starting my very own food reviews blog tomorrow onwards. I can't wait to see the turn outs!
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glad I went elsewhere
By dontwizzle
so I found parking luckily headed over to lolitas but I can't seem to find parking at the bar to order a drink this place is so unorganized if a fire broke out there would be a stampede I don't know why the people that's not ordering that doesn't want to drink stand right in the aisle blocking every ... more
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